9/19/2019:   Brice McConnell, MD, PhD – Assistant Professor in Behavioral Neurology: Why we sleep – The Functions of Sleep in Protecting Our Brains and Strengthening Our Memories.

6/19/2019:   Christina Vaughan, MD – Assistant Professor in Neuro-Palliative Care and Movement Disorders: What is Neuro-Palliative Care?

4/3/2019: Samantha Holden, MD – PCA & Lewy Bodies

1/23/2019: Peter Pressman, MD – Communication in Posterior Cortical Atrophy

8/24/2018: Victoria Pelak, MD – Q&A with PCA Support Group

8/24/2018: PCA Lecture: Karen Hookstadt, Occupational Therapist at UCHealth: Posterior Cortical Atrophy – An OT Approach

2/25/2018PowerPoint Presentation by Mr. Todd Ballantine, wife Marianne Ballantine, and Mr. Ralph Patrick with the Alzheimer’s Association of the Greater Boulder RegionLiving With Posterior Cortical Atrophy Means: Positive Change Attitude

2/23/2017: David Lewerenz, OD, Assistant Professor, Ophthalmology: Technology Workshop for PCA

6/16/2014: Benzi M.Kluger, MD, MS – Palliative Care and Neurology: TIme for a Paradigm Shift

Summer Internship Program for PCA Research.

October 24, 2018: Rare Form of Alzheimer’s Affects What The Eyes See – CBS News Interview of Dr. Pelak & Robert Yetz: Click Here

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